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You are welcome to join all the workshops and will receive the meeting URL for each, it will still be appreciated if you can please select which workshops you are interested in joining.

Session 1: Investment risk decisions using alternative data – Investor focus

Expert facilitators will take the use case from day one to drill down on the challenges and opportunities of using satellite/sensor data to make investment risk decisions, looking at the ability of risk systems, skills and plot the steps to resolution.

Session 2: Risk provider focus

Providers of risk systems and practitioners will identify the challenges and opportunities of moving from historical and batch data driven systems to forward looking and real-time, looking at data formats and technology and roadmap a solution.

Session 3: Alternative data provider focus

Providers of Earth system will identify the issues and opportunities of moving large scale data models to serve the needs of FSI analysts, looking at analyst needs and data schemas and building a model to address these challenges.

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