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Collaborate with change agents in sustainable finance within banks and fund managers, innovators among ESG tech start-ups, and leaders in technology and consulting, to exchange insights, share best practices, align priorities and advance the next steps inside your organization.


Private Banking and Wealth

The design, distribution and reporting of Sustainable funds

This Co-Creation workshop tackles sustainable finance in the private banking and wealth management industry and the question of volatility vs. quality when funds are considered. The problem of a multitude of ESG standards persists and the day’s session’s will conclude with a solution design session.


$30 trillion of capital is pledged to Sustainable Finance and supporting outcomes aligned to Sustainability and Impact goals, such as the UN SDGs.



This huge volume of capital is only trickling from behind a dam created by uncertainty from lack of data, taxonomies, schemas, reporting and products, robust enough to satisfy the risk register of financial institutions.The result is a lack of confidence about viable options for investing in sustainable initiatives.



Finextra Research and ResponsibleRisk will be running a thought-provoking series of editorial, research and experiential events to bring banking and technology ecosystems together, to collaborate on enabling this wave of change.




6 Alie Street, Aldgate, London | Elizabeth Room and Foyer


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