Financing Sustainable Cities

Tuesday 10 October 2023 | Events @ No 6, 6 Alie St, London E1 8QT

Finextra Research and ResponsibleRisk will host a programme of content, workshops and experiments, designed to create Sustainable Investment (double materiality) strategies, and build an ecosystem of partnerships to turn strategy into reality.

Our purpose:

The event will bring together a diverse group of people that share a desire to accelerate:


  • Funding the transformation to Sustainable Cities using Sustainable Finance to allocate capital, enable de-carbonization and further biodiversity gain while ensuring a just transition.
  • Value creation through a trustworthy implementation of double materiality investment measures evidenced by trustworthy data and analytics.

We need to create leadership and turn words into action.
Our Focus for October 2023


USE CASE: Built environment in the form of Cities
NEXUS OF FORCES: Nature, Climate, Energy, Social
LEVERS FOR TRANSFORMATION: Data, AI, Risk, Financial Instruments



Are you interested in taking action against climate change, biodiversity loss via a Just transition?
Do you want to focus on solution creation using technology?
Can you help enable the Sustainable Finance industry, measure impact and be transparent about the allocation of public and private capital to the transformation of Cities and their infrastructure?
Then this is the event for you!


SustainableFinance.Live events welcome an open and inclusive community, share knowledge at the conference, workshop and design solutions, and collaborate in the Hackathon.
We will explore, fail and succeed together, sharing best practices to advance the focus on positive outcomes.


Our programme: 02 October to 13 October 2023:


  • Lean Back (Hybrid Conference - 10 October) Hear from leaders about the problem statements and solutions that are defining the development of Sustainable Cities and the Sustainable Finance that is required at scale. Short key notes and panel discussions will feed the business imperative for solutions into the hackathon.
  • Lean In (Workshop - 10 October): Brainstorm with practitioners across the nexus of forces, sustainable Finance and data science will brainstorm in a live workshop on the main stage.
  • Learn by doing (the Hackathon 02 - 13 October) Deep dive into your project with your team and work on key themes, barriers, customer journeys and value chains.
  • Return to your own business having engaged with your peers, ready for collaboration.
  • Use the Visual Record and Workshop Report, that will be created and shared, to inspire your colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Participate in Voxpop TV interviews to capture your views, ideas and priorities.


Our mission:


We aim to offer clarity by exploring MVP designs, customer journeys, platform ideas and whatever we can share with colleagues across the industry to move the market.


Our audacious goal:


We will take the best ideas forward through incubation and investment to help develop the creation of an operational poster child for the industry to follow.


We will provide resources in the shape of mentors, content and prizes to ensure the best teams and the best outcomes to ensure progress.


The following Accelerator and VC’s partners will be supporting SustainableFinance.Live


1835i - ANZ Bank’s external innovation and venture capital partner 1835i - Home


Co-Labs - Is a new ecosystem initiative that provides both business and technology services based on collaborative partnerships – to solve critical challenges such as ESG, Economic Crime, Operational Resilience and other risk & regulatory use cases Change Gap - Home


Bright Tide - runs some of the leading sustainability accelerator programmes in the UK and has developed an extensive global network in sustainability innovation, working with over 100 leading sustainability ventures from across the world Biodiversity | Bright Tide (


Hybrid conference summary

Taking place in a hybrid format (in-person and online) on 10 October 2023, you will hear from leaders about the problem statements and solutions that are defining Sustainable Finance and funding a transformation to Sustainable Cities. Short key notes, a live workshop and panel discussions will feed the design of solutions via the Hackathon.


 The Hackathon will run from Monday 2 to Friday 13 October and will cover key themes.


The hackathon will bring together people that share a desire to accelerate Sustainable Finance to enable capital allocation to de-carbonisation and biodiversity gain via a just transition of the economy.


Mentors, content and prizes will all ensure the best teams and the best outcomes. The best ideas will be promoted to accelerators and incubation with the intention of creating the pioneers that others will follow.


This will be conducted in an open and inclusive community that will share knowledge; design together and collaborate by doing. We will explore, fail and succeed together.

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