Sustainable Finance Live

Tuesday 8 October 2024 | Events @ No 6, 6 Alie St, London E1 8QT

Join Finextra Research and ResponsibleRisk in London to explore a transaction's journey across a Natural capital marketplace.


Sustainable Finance Live will focus on the art of the possible, the obstacles and challenges limiting Natural Capital transactions from reaching their full potential. Join us as we explore this across a full agenda of panel discussions, workshops, interactive sessions and hackathon. 


Welcoming investors, stakeholders, and providers operating in the ecosystem, this year’s event will evaluate how quantifiable and costly the transaction process is, and where new solutions and strategies can be integrated to streamline the process.


On stage we will showcase key solutions that, together, demonstrate the journey from ‘field to trade’


The event joins together financial services professionals, technology providers, fintech industry leaders, academics, space, risk and Nature specialists. The shared objective is to drive innovation in sustainable finance, focusing on the following themes:


- The valuation of natural capital, how nature is assessed, quantified, and priced.
- Data accessibility of natural assets, and the role of nature accounting and nature credits.
- The role of Space based Earth observation and geospatial data and how AI can help wrangle this data into use by the financial services industry
- Perspectives on multi-sided marketplaces and how it they can be enhanced, developed, and improved upon, using the agri-food supply chain as an example.


The hackathon will be running for two weeks and once again will bring together teams of changemakers to learn by doing. Using the NayaOne platform, data, API’s, collaboration tools and mentors, we will help individuals and teams move their ideas into action. We will team with the leading accelerators and investors in this area to help bring these new ideas to life after the event. (more details to follow)


More details on event content and the agenda will be available soon.

Conference location